Don’t waste Woodlands

One of the main aims of Woodlands Community is to improve the local environment and the quality of life of residents.

Rubbish and waste in the streets can spoil our enjoyment of our living space. It has a negative effect on people’s quality of life and on the way our neighbourhood is seen by visitors and by businesses who may want to invest here.

Woodlands Community is tackling litter and fly-tipping through local lane clean-ups and our monthly ‘Don’t waste Woodlands’ street cleaning sessions. These are helping to keep Woodlands clean and litter-free, but we need to keep up the momentum, and we need your help.

If you’d like to do something for your community that makes a visible difference, come along and join us at our next community clean-up.

You can find out more by going to our events calendar and by following our Woodlands Community Facebook page.