Woodlands Community Garden

Woodlands Community Garden opened in 2010, occupying a vacant site in West Prince’s Street. Since then it has become an important local space where people make new friends and feel part of the community. It’s also a great place to unwind from the everyday stresses and strains of city life.

Each year, around 50 households grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs in the garden’s raised beds. And dozens of local people help us maintain and improve the garden through our twice-weekly garden volunteering sessions.

The garden is open to visitors at all times, and you don’t have to have a raised bed in order to volunteer.


“Volunteering with Woodlands has changed my life hugely. It has made me feel part of something and I feel included rather than excluded. ”

As well as being well used for growing food, the garden is a hub for the many other activities we carry out in Woodlands, including arts, cultural and musical events.

The garden is also the focus of many projects that we run with local partners - everything from local school children learning about plastic pollution to adults helping with protecting urban wildlife.

Our two garden staff provide volunteers and raised-bedders with a warm welcome, and offer practical advice and support. They also deliver regular training workshops on topics relating to gardening, bio-diversity and the environment. They also help us look after a smaller garden site at Willowbank Crescent.

We need garden volunteers to help us with composting, maintenance, weeding and watering.

If you would like to get involved check our What’s On page for details of our drop in volunteering sessions
or contact us for more information.