We are very grateful to our funders, both past and present for their support.

Our principal funding comes from National Lottery and Scottish Government, but each year we also receive a number of smaller grants.

Our principal funders for 2019/20 are:

Whilst the main Capital Funding for Woodlands Workspace came from:

Supporting Woodlands Community

Keeping our projects going requires a lot of people, time - and of course money.

We wouldn’t be able to do all we do without having a small team of paid staff and our projects always need funding for equipment, training and events.  As a growing organisation we also needs funds to meet the running costs of our office and community building.

Our management team has been very successful in bidding for funds, allowing us to carry out projects that have made a real impact. We also generate our own income by letting out our community building and selling training and consultancy services to other organisations.

However, with increased pressure on public spending it has become more difficult to find money for local projects and this situation is not likely to improve soon.

That’s why we are asking you if you would join us as a Friend of Woodlands Community.