Who we are

Woodlands Community is a Development Trust, a charitable organisation that aims to improve the
Woodlands area of Glasgow and the lives of local people.

We achieve this through community-led activity and partnership with both local and national organisations.

We have a small team of paid staff, but most of the people who are involved in Woodlands Community are volunteers who give their time and energy to make a difference to their local community.

Our Board of Directors are local residents and are responsible for making strategic decisions about where we focus our activity to achieve the best results for Woodlands. They also ensure that the organisation and its finances are well managed.

You can find out more about community development trusts on the Development Trust Association Scotland website.

What we do

Our aim is to be a force for positive, community-led change in Woodlands.

We want to achieve lasting benefits for the area and the people who live, work or study here:

  • Helping local residents and businesses to contribute to improving the Woodlands area

  • Promoting the health and well-being of local people

  • Promoting learning and education within the community

  • Encouraging artistic and cultural activity in Woodlands

  • Protecting and developing Woodlands’ natural and built environment