Volunteering at Woodlands

As a community-based organisation, we rely mainly on local volunteers to carry out our work.

Volunteering can give you a feeling of satisfaction when you are helping to make a real difference to your community. It can also be a valuable way of self-development, allowing people to develop new skills and confidence, providing a stepping-stone to education or employment.

As a volunteer at Woodlands Community, you can get involved in a wide range of activities that includes taking part in our monthly ‘Don’t waste Woodlands’ clean-ups, preparing food or making guests welcome at the Community Café or watering plants at the Community Garden. We also regularly need volunteers to help us with our events.

Also, if you have knowledge and experience in areas such as fundraising, marketing, management, HR you might want to think about joining our board of directors and helping to steer the future direction of Woodlands Community. Find out more about joining our board.

If you are interested in volunteering in Woodlands, we are sure we can offer an opportunity to suit you.

To find out more, please contact us.


“Woodlands Community was a saviour to me when I first moved to Glasgow. A friend told me about the beautiful garden and how it was a safe space to meet new people. I felt so lucky when I realised the garden extended to a community meal. I found an absolute gem, not only did I get a free meal, meet new people and make good friends, but there were so many opportunities to get involved and be part of a community.”